Providing you with more than 65 years experience in forestry-aligned logistics

C3 continues to provide forestry-aligned logistics in New Zealand across 16 operational sites. We are at the log marshalling and stevedoring forefront with solutions for your log export program. Our solutions are focused on delivering exceptional customer service, high quality production and processes, a strong commitment to delivering service excellence and value, plus risk management frameworks and a future-paced approach to innovation and continuous improvement.

Our solutions leverage our log scaling, marshalling, stevedoring, proprietary technology systems and processes and most importantly, our industry stakeholder relationships, to underpin and drive your success.

Our services include:

  • Log marshalling
  • Log stevedoring
  • Export documentation.

We deliver value via our expertise in technology and the provision of customer information. These are key areas where we support your needs by providing traceability, accuracy and transparency for each of your logs, every step of the way.