Our Information technology and systems provide for a leading-edge supply chain solution.

From bespoke world first technological developments and partnerships with original equipment manufacturers, we are proven innovators with advanced IT processes.

Our innovation underpins our ability to lead the port sector through tailoring processes and working with our partners from planning through to execution setting us apart from the competition.

Our customers value our smart use of technology, from JADE Terminal Operating System (TOS), which manages warehousing, general cargo and containers to our own proprietary data management systems such as C3 Flow and C3 InView, which record, track and map complex interactions within the supply chain, you can be assured that your product is tracked and traced throughout the supply chain.

  • Data Integrity: We retain all data and provide live tracking of your product throughout the supply chain.
  • Stable and Resilient: JADE (TOS) operates in 75 sites across the US, Europe, Middle East and new Zealand and is the world’s first TOS that can track and trace product movements including receival of cargo to ports, warehousing, container packing and containers loaded on vessels.
  • Accessible: secure 24/7 access to your consignment from anywhere in the world through our proprietary data management system C3 InView.
  • Customisable: our data is easily customised for both operational and customer requirements.