Loading and stowing your logs with precision and care

On a port by port basis, C3 provides an integrated offering of log marshalling and stevedoring either directly or by partnering with other service providers to meet customers’ needs.

We offer and integrate skilled log stevedores and log marshallers to provide multi-skilled operators with a diverse and in-depth knowledge across the entire breadth of log-related port services.  Our proprietary technology systems provide integrated and auditable processes meaning  every log is traceable back to the volume received at the checkpoint.

  • Compliance: Approved by the Ministry for Primary Industries to maintain Product Security.
  • Efficiency: Well organised port movements help you achieve targets and deadlines. Our combined log stevedoring and log marshalling service is an efficient and cost effective solution which can reduce vessel load time and port costs.
  • Security and accuracy: Product security and accuracy utilising our proprietary inventory management systems that monitor and report operational performance and log movements for transparency.
  • Traceability: Images of each log are captured ship side, providing customers with certainty of logs loaded and auditable proof for the receiving market.