Drawing on more than 65 years’ experience from our New Zealand operations, C3’s Australian operations comprise four highly-efficient log marshalling yards across the country.

Our customers range from some of Australia’s largest forest owners to smaller specialist exporters wanting responsive log receival, scaling (measurement), storage and out-loading services supported by data capture and management tools using cutting edge technology.

We operate bulk log yards and export container packing operations. In some operations, we partner with our sister company LINX, to provide a greater scope of supply chain solutions including stevedoring and container transport.

C3 is an industry leader in New Zealand and Australia with our development of digital log scaling technology and data management systems, where we leverage our combined IT capability to provide greater levels of accuracy and efficiency for our customers.

Our scaling teams are highly trained people and our services are regularly audited both internally and by external parties, to give our customers results that are accessible, transparent and reliable.

Our operators competently handle logs in the yard by utilising a modern fleet of well-maintained mobile plant and are governed by industry-standard and compliant policies, procedures and best practice safety principles.

C3’s health and safety systems use current software technologies and are supported by a culture where our staff are focused on sending their colleagues, suppliers and customers home safely, every day.