National shipping and maritime industry awards success for LINX Cargo Care Group

LINX Cargo Care Group’s commitment to innovation, safety and diversity was recognised last night at the  24th Annual Australian DCN Shipping & Maritime Industry Awards in Melbourne.

LINX Cargo Care Group was announced as the winner of the Safety Award.

In addition, LINX Cargo Care Group received Highly Commended for the:

  • Supply Chain Innovation & Technology Award
  • Gender Diversity Award.

“Safety is the most important thing we do within our industry,” said LINX CCG CEO, Anthony Jones.

“Our employees turn up to work and expect to go home safely every day to their families.

“When we sat back to look at how to make a difference in our safety outcomes, we looked to technology.

“Leveraging our diverse thinking across our organisation, we developed an innovative and transformative approach to safety training through our Virtual Reality Safety Training Platform, which is something we are incredibly proud of.”