C3 Limited delivers industry-first grapple log loading innovation

C3 Limited has officially unveiled the new C3 Log Vessel Grapple (LVG) at the Port of Tauranga in New Zealand.

Held exclusively by C3 Limited, and developed in collaboration with industry partner, Page Macrae Engineering and customers, the revolutionary log loading technology is set to deliver unparalleled levels of safety and provide greater flexibility with no requirement for specialised infrastructure.   

The new grapple loading system – which is wholly designed and built in New Zealand – is a shift away from the industry-norm of a plunger style Cranston and log wires which can present safety and efficiency challenges. Instead, the C3 LVG, which is easily transportable and can be operated in any port, removes the need for wharf hands to sling loads reducing significant risks. 



Gavin Hudson, C3 New Zealand and Pedersen Group COO, said after a series of extensive trials the C3 LVG had already proven its worth, so much so that C3 has commissioned a further 22 units to be delivered in 2022. 

“The initial results across the board were very impressive. The decreased level of exposure to risks for our people was immediately clear and there was a significant improvement on the traditional loading methods,” said Hudson.  

“Our first four C3 Log Vessel Grapples have gone live at Port of Tauranga and a further four will be commissioned in Wellington in March. Others will then follow as the year progresses,” he added. 

The development and delivery of the C3 LVG has also been of benefit to New Zealand’s domestic engineering and manufacturing sector with Page Macrae Engineering proving to be an excellent partner on the highly technical and bespoke project. 

“The entire PME team is proud to be involved in this project with C3.  Although we have innovated a number of products for customers in the past, the C3 LVG’s are a real step forward for PME given the level of automation and ‘smarts’.  We look forward to building on our already strong relationship with C3 through assisting them to effectively meet their customer’s needs,” said Dave Body, Page Macrae Engineering CEO. 

While safety and overall efficiency gains were significant drivers in the development of the C3 LVG, the flexibility, cost effectiveness and compatibility the technology can provide make it a complete and compelling offering compared to other industry alternatives.  

“The arrival of the C3 LVG is exciting for our team, our customers and the industry. It’s a terrific piece of needs-based innovation that makes a real difference in the overall operation. The design of the C3 LVG means it’s easily deployed and can be operated from a standard crane. It’s self-powered and remote operated and is designed to work with current standard trailers and log bunks, minimising additional infrastructure costs,” said Hudson.