C3 Australia ramps up in Portland with new log marshalling contract

C3’s Portland log marshalling operation has increased throughput by 300% since the deal was completed despite C3 purchasing equipment and commencing operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

C3, one of Australia’s largest forest products logistics providers and part of LINX Cargo Care Group, has secured a multi-million dollar deal to provide log marshalling services in Portland, Victoria.

The deal with Pacific Forest Products (Australia) (PFP) sees C3 handling all log marshalling operations at the Port of Portland, having previously handled approximately 40 per cent of the volume exported through the port.

“We’re proud of the work we have already done in the region, and the work we’re about to do,” said Anthony Jones, LINX Cargo Care Group CEO. “We’re committed to the region and have hired an additional 30 people from the area.”

In Australia, C3 offers both in-field chipping and cut to length harvest and haulage solutions, along with bulk and containerised export log marshalling and stevedoring services.

The log marshalling contract was signed in March, and work commenced just prior to the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown measures. Jones said the importance of the region to C3’s operations and staff, as well the local economy, ensured that the deal could not wait until after the pandemic subsided.

“We made a significant investment in the region despite the economic headwinds and concerns the world was facing,” said Jones. “Portland, as part of the Green Triangle, is vitally important to the economy. This has been proven with an incredible ramp up in operations and productivity since the contract was signed, driven by customer demand and our ability to quickly adapt and cater to those demands.”

Since work commenced, C3 increased throughput in Portland by 300 per cent despite facing significant constraints in relation to COVID-19, such as limitations around securing medical clearances to onboard new staff.

“C3 took over the receivals in the thick of COVID-19 and have done a fantastic job to adapt and manage with the available resources and additional restrictions brought on by the pandemic,” said Andy Bell, Regional Manager Australia, Pacific Forest Products.

“The Portland Operation is fast becoming a flagship operation for PFP and as we come out of the other side of COVID-19, we remain focused on continuing to provide our suppliers with great service.”

Jones says C3 has been able to achieve increased production rates due to the company’s mandate to remain agile and adapt to external conditions quickly.

“The global supply chain impacts linked to COVID-19 has led to an increase in Portland’s log marshalling activity and as such, we’ve had to handle volumes at levels twice what customers had forecast – and that is just in the first month of operations,” said Jones. “Many companies could not achieve such a quick ramp-up in activity but LINX Cargo Care Group has always maintained agility in our operations and that ability has held us in good stead during this pandemic.”

C3 continues to invest in the operation with the purchase of three new material handlers along with the new members joining the team on-site, to ensure productivity continues to increase.