C3 operating through COVID-19

Our world continues to facing an unprecedented time with the COVID-19 pandemic.

C3, part of LINX Cargo Care Group across Australia and New Zealand, is following the situation closely and taking proactive and responsive action to ensure we look after our people and maintain our critical service delivery across the supply chain network.

Our priority, as always, remains the safety and wellbeing of our people, our customers and the communities in which we operate.

Freight and logistics remains an essential service

Supply chain services are now more important than ever, as we help make essential goods and cargo accessible to communities and keep our economies moving.

Freight, logistics and forestry are essential industries.

To maintain business sustainability and continue to deliver for our customers throughout the evolving pandemic, LINX Cargo Care Group senior leaders and its Pandemic Management Team are working together with C3, to implement business continuity plans and specific actions which ensures we can continue to quickly adapt to the changing situation for our customers.

The current phase of our country’s pandemic response is not to be mistaken for a quick jog to the finish line…we will be here for some time yet and it’s therefore never been more important for a resilient, long-term mindset.

As we evaluate the expert information of both the duration and impacts this pandemic will continue to have on our business and the wider economy in the coming months, C3 continues to be focused on our people’s health, wellbeing and ongoing employment, and the business’ sustainability and positioning once the current restrictions begin to relax and the economy starts to rebound.

We understand business and industry circumstances are also evolving and changing weekly, if not daily, and we continue to be flexible and responsive, while implementing measures and considered actions that meets our people’s and customers’ needs, while complying with Government and health authorities advice and protocols.

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