Your Products

Whatever your products, whatever your needs — C3 will find the best solution. Perhaps you’re like some of our clients, needing thousands of containers or hundreds of thousands of logs handled each year. Perhaps you’re like others, needing just an occasional container. Whether you need a single port service or a fully integrated cargo handling solution, we offer you expertise, facilities, and commitment. To discuss how we can help you achieve your goals, please contact us.

The following case studies introduce some of our existing partnerships.

New Zealand Steel  RD1 Nutrition   Pan Pac Forest Products

Across our services to you, we will agree Key Performance Indicators. Aspects such as our throughput of product, safety, handling timeframes, and quality control will all be clearly defined and committed to.

C3 develops and operates cutting-edge technology. On arrival to the port, our specialists scale every log according to the Japanese Agricultural Standard, or JAS. This scanned detail is entered into the Jade Master Terminal, or JMT, an integrated terminal system that tracks individual logs across the port, to the ship, and onwards to the world. We designed, built and manage C3 SLIM (Simple Log Inventory Management), which hooks onto JMT to give you secure 24/7 online access to your log and consignment reporting. Similarly, we developed C3 TRACK, for non-log export products. C3 TRACK follows products from receipt by C3, through storage and containerisation, and into vessels. Like C3 SLIM, C3 TRACK gives you secure 24/7 online access to reporting.